NASA Rocket Crashes With Kentucky Space Satellite on Board

“We do have a backup and we’re hoping to fly that backup in the next twelve months,” says Kentucky Space president Kris Kimel. “We have another satellite that we’ve been building with the University of Rome that’s supposed to launch in April or the end of this month. So we may be launching another satellite that we’re involved with within the month.”

Space Exploration Learning Center Opens At Shawnee

The Challenger Learning Center is intended to make science and math education more interesting by showing how the subjects are used in space exploration. Challenger astronaut Norman Thagard directed a learning center in Florida. He says the goal is not to inspire students to be astronauts, but to make them interested in science.

Let's Walk on the Moon!

Forty years after a man first walked on the moon, in and age where trips into space seem almost routine, Neil Armstrong’s small step for man really does seem like a giant leap for mankind. In his new book, Voices from the Moon, Andrew Chaikin uses interviews with 22 of the 23 Apollo astronauts to describe what it feels like to take off from the space station, see the Earth from space, and walk on the moon! Listen to the Show