Blackwell Says Southwest Regional Library Bond Makes Sense in Latest Budget

City lawmakers from southwest Louisville are praising Mayor Greg Fischer’s decision to fund construction of the Southwest Regional Library in his latest city budget proposal. The $9.5 million bond for the library is the largest expenditure in the mayor’s capital budget and the only proposed bond. It follow’s up a $500,000 allocation the mayor made […]

Blackwell Discusses Budget And Plans For Southwest Regional Library

Blackwell says he’s asked Mayor Greg Fischer to follow up on his campaign promise and make the library a priority in the next budget, which will be introduced in the spring. “My hope is that we keep moving it along in the process so hopefully this year we’ll have the decisions made about what we’re going to do and break the ground and get it moving,” says Blackwell.

Public Input Sought on Fairdale Library

by Stephanie Crosby A new library is planned for the Fairdale community and a public meeting tomorrow night will seek public comment on what should be included in the new facility. Mayor Jerry Abramson announced last month he would include one-million dollars for a new Fairdale branch in his budget proposal, combined with another million […]