Three JCPS Schools Must Replace Principals, Says Audit

The changes come as the result of state leadership audit reports. The auditors determined that the principals were no longer capable of continuing their responsibilities. Additionally, they recommend that the school councils at Iroquois and Southern should be disbanded, while the council at Waggener may continue to serve an advisory role.

Is Kentucky Southern?

We work in coal mines, live in the Appalachian Mountains, play bluegrass, and say y’all. But we didn’t have huge cotton plantations, and some of us eat spaghetti with our chili and consider ourselves Cincinnati suburbanites. We officially declared ourselves neutral in 1861, then later declared allegiance to the Union while a shadow government sought acceptance in the Confederacy. So, are we truly a border state? Do we have the best (or worst) of both north and south, or just an identity crisis? Listen to the Show