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Nothing Resolved In Marathon Price Gouging Lawsuit

by Tony McVeigh on May 16, 2011

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and attorneys for Marathon Oil faced off in Franklin Circuit Court this morning.  Conway accuses Marathon of gasoline price gouging during a state of emergency.

Attorney Sheryl Snyder, who represents Marathon, says the case appears to have more to do with price control than price gouging.  “They’re not even alleging that their claim for relief has anything to do with the flooding, or anything to do with the emergency.  They’ve predicated their claim totally on the argument that we’re following the spot market.”

Nothing was resolved at a hearing on Kentucky’s price gouging allegation against Marathon Oil.  Judicial and expert witness conflicts required the matter to be moved to Thursday.  Attorney Sheryl Snyder, who represents Marathon, says there’s no need for a restraining order on gas prices anyway.

“There is no emergency here.  Their expert witness’ affidavit stops at Wednesday.” Snyder says “The prices already started falling on Thursday and today the prices are below the prices they want us to impose.  So, if you granted their order, you would actually be increasing our prices.” [click to continue…]

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