Space Exploration Learning Center Opens At Shawnee

The Challenger Learning Center is intended to make science and math education more interesting by showing how the subjects are used in space exploration. Challenger astronaut Norman Thagard directed a learning center in Florida. He says the goal is not to inspire students to be astronauts, but to make them interested in science.

Hand Transplant Doctors Prepare For Breidenbach’s Departure

Transplant programs often depend on federal grants. Breidenbach says he doesn’t think the growth of a medical center in Arizona will put any of Louisville’s funding at risk, but all federal funds may be harder to secure if a ban on earmarks is imposed.

I Didn't Know That! Science Stories

So you get up in the morning, you put on your comfy house shoes – you know, the ones with the Velcro. You pad on out to the kitchen and make yourself an egg in the non-stick skillet – wait, where was I going with this? It’s leading right to science. Velcro on the shoes, Teflon on the skillet, the push button phone your mom still has in her kitchen, they are all science, and they all have a story. Join us on Tuesday when we talk to author Rick Beyer about these and other untold science tales.  Listen to the Show

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Science Center Launches Series with Health Care

This week, the Louisville Science Center is hosting a discussion about health care, and it’s just the beginning of what officials intend to become frequent conversations about science-related issues. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. Thursday is the first event of the series the center is calling Scientific Proofs. The center has teamed up with the… Continue reading Science Center Launches Series with Health Care