New Nuclear for Kentucky?

A bill that would make it easier to build new nuclear power plants in Kentucky is making its way through the state legislature. New plants have been banned in the Commonwealth since 1984, unless the federal government finds a way to permanently dispose of the waste.

Russia & Georgia: Why We Should Be Paying Attention

In early August it almost seemed like time had moved backwards when we saw the pictures of the Russian soldiers moving into South Ossetia. But Russia wasn’t invading, instead they claim they were protecting a breakaway region of the Republic of Georgia. The Georgians, allies of the U.S., have a different view of the situation. So what is going on over there, and why should we care over here? Listen to the Show

Americans Will Forget Georgia, Says UK Prof

A University of Kentucky professor says even though the fighting in the Republic of Georgia is in the world spotlight, he believes it will fade quickly from the minds of Americans. The small nation has been engaged in a military struggle this week with Russia. The U.S. has been working with Georgia to help get… Continue reading Americans Will Forget Georgia, Says UK Prof