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Winningham Blasts Young Over Payroll Tax Votes

Indiana Democratic congressional candidate Robert Winningham is criticizing Republican incumbent Todd Young for switching votes on the payroll tax cut compromise last week.

Initially, Young voted against the Senate compromise and defended the Republican-controlled House for doing so, saying the short-term extension would hurt small business owners.

However, growing political pressure from President Obama, Democrats and Senate Republicans put the GOP House under immense pressure. Three days later, Young joined his GOP colleagues and supported the two-month extension, which Mr. Obama signed before the holiday recess.

Winningham says he’s glad Young eventually supported the compromise, but he then accused the freshman of flip-flopping and being in the hip pocket of the Tea Party.

“For Todd Young it was a flip-flop, because earlier in the week he was criticizing his Republican colleagues in the Senate for taking a bipartisan to extend this payroll tax,” he says. “When someone is arguing vehemently against that kind of bipartisanship and then turning around three days later to vote for it, I call that a flip-flop.”

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Former Hamilton Aide To Seek 9th District Seat

From the Associated Press

A one-time aide to former Congressman Lee Hamilton plans to seek Hamilton’s old congressional seat in southern Indiana now held by Republican Todd Young.

Robert Winningham says he’ll run for the Democratic nomination in next year’s primary in the 9th District.

The 50-year-old says he was Hamilton’s campaign media director in 1992 and then his assistant for community development, helping with privatization of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant near Jeffersonville.

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Jonathan George also is seeking the Democratic nomination.

Republican-led redistricting added GOP-leaning areas to the district, but Winningham tells The Courier-Journal he believes the Tea Party movement that helped Young defeat Democrat Baron Hill in last year’s election is fading.