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Whitfield: Renewable Energy Isn’t Cheap

by admin on September 26, 2011

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio

The Kentucky Congressman who chairs a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee says increasing federal subsidies for renewable sources of energy will not lower energy costs or help the economy. Republican Ed Whitfield says federal support for renewables has increased from $5 billion to $14 billion in the last three years…

“The reason that solar and wind are not taking off is that they are too inexpensive and too inefficient,” he said. “Now having said that, I recognize that they have a part in our economy. They have a part in producing electricity. But they can never be the base load.”

Whitfield says recent history shows additional funding has not lowered energy bills, even as subsidies were being raised.

“Renewables saw by far the largest increase in federal benefits,” he said. “Wind alone received a tenfold increase in subsidies. Solar increased by a factor of six from $179 million to $1.2 billion.”

He says renewables should continue receiving federal subsidies but he thinks it’s a mistake to increase them. He says it’ll be hard for the economy to rebound if energy costs continue to rise.

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Agriculture Could Play Key Role in KY Energy Future

by kespeland September 11, 2009

Agricultural and forestry leaders came together in Louisville this week to determine how their operations could help control the state’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as how they might contribute to Kentucky’s renewable energy goals. The University of Louisville’s Kentucky Renewable Energy Consortium organized the forum. And Consortium spokesman Cam Metcalf says participants realized the magnitude of the state’s energy needs.

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U of L To Operate Renewable Energy Center

by Rick Howlett January 26, 2009

The University of Louisville will be the home of a center devoted to the development of renewable energy. It will be called the Conn Center, named in honor of U of L alumnus Henry Conn and his wife, Rebecca, who have donated $20 million to support work there. U of L President James Ramsey says […]

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Bicycles in the Bail Out Bill?

by kespeland October 8, 2008

The big news in the bail out bill is, well, the bail out, the emergency economic measures. But lawmakers tacked on many energy and environment-related amendments, including the extension of certain renewable energy tax credits.

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PSC OKs Kentucky Power's Green Credits

by Gabe Bullard August 26, 2008

The Kentucky Power Company will join several other utilities in the Commonwealth in selling green energy credits.

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