Bill Allowing Reflective Tape on Slow Moving Vehicles Becomes Law

Drivers of slow moving vehicles now have the option of using reflective tape instead of the standard orange triangle while on Kentucky roads. Governor Steve Beshear signed Senate Bill 75 into law today. The bill is in response to the jailing of Amish men in Western Kentucky, who refused to use the orange triangles for […]

Lawmakers Advance Senate Proposal Dealing with Slow-Moving Vehicles

A bill that would allow slow-moving vehicles to use reflective tape instead of an orange triangle is moving through the House. The triangles have become an issue in Kentucky’s Amish community, where the symbol and loud color run counter to religious beliefs. Some Amish men have been arrested for refusing to use the triangles on […]

House Passes Bill Allowing Reflective Tape on Amish Buggies

Proposals to allow the Amish to use reflective tape on their buggies instead of state-mandated orange triangles have passed both Kentucky legislative chambers. The House voted today in favor of a bill that requires the Amish to put 200 inches of red tape on their buggies. The bill passed overwhelmingly, 90-9, despite objections from lawmakers in […]

Bill Allowing Reflective Tape on Amish Buggies Close to Becoming Law

A bill allowing Amish buggy drivers in Kentucky to use reflective tape instead of a state-mandated orange triangle is only a few steps away from becoming law. The state Senate passed a bill addressing the issue weeks ago. And a House committee passed its own version last week. There are a few differences in each […]