Senate Passes Bill That Changes Redistricting Process

by Kenny Colston on March 15, 2012

A bill that would alter the section of the state Constitution dealing with redistricting is moving through the state legislature.

The Senate took up the measure today. The bill passed mostly on party lines in the Republican-controlled chamber, 27-11.

Senate Bill 18 provides more guidance to lawmakers drawing new districts in split counties and gives preference to federal rules over previous state law.

But Senator Robert Stivers says the biggest change would be one that could keep lawmakers in session if they can’t pass new maps in a timely manner.

“If it is not completed, and the committee substitute clarifies this, by April 15 which is the stated day of adjournment, sine die, for the General Assembly, that we must stay beyond that period of time, April 15, to complete the task of redistricting,” he says. [click to continue…]

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Stumbo In Favor of Senate Bill That Would Change Redistricting

by Kenny Colston March 12, 2012

A change in the way lawmakers draw redistricting lines is likely to end up in front of voters this fall. Senate Bill 18 would give legislators more direction in how to split counties during  redistricting, as well as require them to follow federal law. It would throw decades of past state precedent out the window. […]

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Senate Bill Would Amend Constitution on Redistricting, Defer to Federal Law

by Kenny Colston March 8, 2012

A move to amend the provisions of Kentucky’s constitution that deal with redistricting has been introduced in the state Senate. State Senator Robert Stivers’s bill would change the laws around redistricting, and give more direction for how medium-sized counties could be split. Right now, the constitution says that any county that can be made one […]

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Legislative Leaders Say They Won’t Draw New Maps This Session

by Kenny Colston February 27, 2012

Legislative leaders in Kentucky say the issue of redistricting is over for the current session. Lawmakers drew new maps of their districts earlier this year to reflect the latest census data. But the state Supreme Court ruled that the maps were unconstitutional and threw them out. House Speaker Greg Stumbo says there’s no need to […]

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Supreme Court Says Redistricting Maps Are Unconstitutional

by Kenny Colston February 24, 2012

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that the latest maps of state legislative districts are unconstitutional. Lawmakers approved new lines for state House and Senate districts earlier this year. But a circuit court judge declared them unconstitutional, citing a precedent that districts can’t be more than five percent larger or smaller than their ideal size. […]

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Kentucky Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Redistricting Case

by Kenny Colston February 24, 2012

The fight over redistricting has moved to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Lawmakers approved new lines for state House and Senate districts earlier this year. But a judge declared them unconstitutional, citing a precedent that districts can’t be more than five percent larger or smaller than their ideal size. Lawyers for the Legislative Research Commission promptly […]

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Initial Arguments Made in Redistricting Appeal

by Kenny Colston February 17, 2012

Kentucky lawmakers who successfully sued to keep new district maps from taking effect have filed new motions with the state Supreme Court. Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled two weeks ago that the maps of new House and Senate districts were unconstitutional because they weren’t in line with population variance numbers previously set by […]

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Appeal on Legislative Redistricting Could Be Heard This Week

by Kenny Colston February 13, 2012

The battle over new state legislative districts may move to the Kentucky Supreme Court this week. At the direction of General Assembly leaders, the Legislative Research Commission this week will file an appeal to overturn an injunction against the district maps lawmakers approved last month. In it’s filing, the LRC will also argue that the new […]

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After Impasse, New Congressional Districts Become Law

by Kenny Colston February 10, 2012

After weeks of disagreement, new districts for Kentucky’s six U.S. House seats have become law. The issue appeared dead earlier this week when the state Senate was unable to approve a new map. But lawmakers rallied around a compromise plan last night. Under the new plan, the Second District will lose some of its northern […]

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New Congressional District Map Moving Through Legislature

by Kenny Colston February 10, 2012

A new map of Kentucky’s congressional districts is on the verge of becoming law. State House Speaker Greg Stumbo declared congressional redistricting dead earlier this week, since it looked like both chambers could not agree on the new districts. But with the state Senate able to find enough votes to pass a compromise, a new […]

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