GLI’s Reagan Headed to St. Louis

by admin on December 12, 2011

Greater Louisville Inc. President and CEO Joe Reagan insists his decision to accept the top job with the St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association has nothing to do with increased criticism of the agency.

The city’s chamber of commerce has been under intense scrutiny over the past year as a result of flat economic growth and job losses over the last decade.

A Brookings Institute study chastised the chamber’s economic growth claims, calling them “largely rhetorical.” Recently, former GLI President Doug Cobb slammed Reagan, saying he has “underperformed” and is “significantly overpaid,” earning about $370,000 per year.

Asked about his critics, Reagan said there are “players and spectators” but admits much more could have been done to change policy and there’s plenty left to do to get Louisville out of the recession, adding the city was pummeled by the national recession.

“Could we have pushed harder on change and challenged ourselves more? Probably. That’s probably true. It’s absolutely true. We could have done things differently, but if you look at the lost decade that lost decade happened in the last three years of this recession,” he says.

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Weidner: No Major Market Gains In Near Future

by Rick Howlett August 22, 2011

The U.S.stock market re-opens this morning after four straight weeks of losses. Traders remain concerned about the European debt situation and fears that the U.S. is headed toward another recession. Wall Street Journal MarketWatch columnist David Weidner says don’t expect any major gains in the market over the next several weeks. “There’s not a lot […]

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Dare to Care Demand Grows, Hunger Walk Approaches

by Gabe Bullard August 18, 2011

The leaders of the Dare to Care Food Bank say this year’s hunger walk in Louisville has to be bigger than ever. Since late 2007, Dare to Care has seen the demand for food increase 67 percent. One out of every six area families now relies on the food bank for a portion of its […]

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Louisville Area Among The Worst For Job Growth In 2010

by Gabe Bullard February 3, 2011

The region ranks ninth from the bottom in a measurement of job growth in the 372 largest metro areas. Most of the cities added jobs last year, but Louisville and the surrounding area lost 75 hundred. That follows a decade when more than 30 thousand jobs were lost.

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Fund For The Arts To Kickoff Campaign, Cowen Says Competition Has Changed Arts Scene

by Gabe Bullard January 31, 2011

Cowen says the need for money has increased over the last few years, but raising money to meet that need isn’t always feasible. He says the recession and competition among entertainment media will likely force many arts groups to rethink their operations.

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Federal Budget Cuts Changing Research, Fundraising

by Gabe Bullard January 17, 2011

National Foundation to Support Cell Transplant Research board chair Paula Grisanti says the new focus on cutting the federal budget and stopping earmarks in Congress could potentially devastate research projects that rely on federal grants.

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Fischer Transition Team Reviewing Employees, Budget

by Gabe Bullard November 22, 2010

Fischer said earlier this month that he will essentially ask all of the department heads to re-apply for their jobs. Last week, his team sent letters to those employees asking them for information, including their resumes. Fischer says he’s not sure when any decisions will be made on who to retain.

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Indiana Arts Groups Face Difficulties Fundraising

by ekramer July 5, 2010

Elizabeth Kramer Some Indiana institutions have issued a report about the condition of the state’s arts organizations. The Indiana Arts Commission enlisted Indiana University’s School of Public And Environmental Affairs to conduct a survey of more than 1,500 organizations. Kirsten Grønbjerg is an Indiana University professor and chair of the school’s Center on Philanthropy. She […]

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Kentucky, Indiana Get Arts Grants Worth $1.7 million

by ekramer June 14, 2010

By Elizabeth Kramer The Kentucky Arts Council is set to receive a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support arts groups statewide. The council will receive more than $850,000 from the NEA to support the operating costs of arts groups as well as arts education programs. Ed Lawrence is with the Kentucky […]

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UN Association to Hold Forum on Human Trafficking

by ekramer April 9, 2010

The Louisville Chapter of the United Nations Association is holding forum on human trafficking this weekend. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has details. Many people call it modern-day slavery. And on Sunday panelists who work with victims of this crime and others who educate lawmakers and the public on the issue will participate in the forum. Matt […]

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