Jeffersonville City Council Approves Funding for Raises

The Jeffersonville City Council has unanimously voted this week to appropriate annual pay raises of $1,000 for themselves. If approved, the council’s compensation would increase from $12,000 to $13,000 dollars a year. The council has not seen any pay raises since 2008, and some outgoing council members say the proposed increases are fair.

University of Louisville President is Recommended Raise and Bonus

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees has recommended a raise and bonus for President James Ramsey. For the past three years Ramsey has declined his bonus because the university was unable to provide staff with raises. This year, faculty and administrators will receive raises between zero and five percent based on merit. Next month,… Continue reading University of Louisville President is Recommended Raise and Bonus

LRC Director Gets Hefty Raise

Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh The man who heads the research arm of the Kentucky General Assembly is getting a big pay raise. Legislative Research Commission Director Bobby Sherman makes almost 133-thousand dollars a year. But his bosses, House and Senate leaders, are upping his annual salary to 195-thousand dollars. However, the vote was not… Continue reading LRC Director Gets Hefty Raise