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Kentucky has been awarded $17 million in federal Race to the Top funding for public education.

Kentucky originally requested $175 million from the U.S. Department of Education. Officials say while the $17 million award is substantially less, it’s still appreciated.

Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman Lisa Gross says some of the money will be used to expand Advance Kentucky, an initiative that works to increase high school students’ access to Advanced Placement courses.

The rest of the grant will help the state implement the provisions of Senate Bill 1. Gross says the bill, passed in 2009, requires the state’s public schools to develop a new system of assessment and accountability.

“It’s a very broad-reaching bill,” she said. “It requires us to implement new standards and new tests and so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to fully implement the bill. We’re on track to implement, but we still have work to do to fully implement it.” [click to continue…]

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Kentucky Awarded “Race to the Top” Funds

by Rick Howlett December 23, 2011

From the Associated Press Kentucky education officials say they are excited about being awarded $17 million in federal “Race to the Top” funding to improve K-12 programs. Although the award was less than requested, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says the funding will be used to implement initiatives including new assessments for public schools, more rigorous […]

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Kentucky Tries Again For Race To The Top Grant

by Devin Katayama December 19, 2011

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) expects to hear this week whether the state will be awarded a Race to the Top consolation grant. KDE learned last week that it will not receive any of the $500 million of federal funding for early childhood education. Kentucky is now one of seven states, which have failed […]

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Kentucky Denied For Early Childhood Race To The Top Grant

by Devin Katayama December 16, 2011

Kentucky will not receive any of the $500 million available from the federal Race to the Top program for early childhood education. Thirty-five states and two territories applied for the grant earlier this year and nine finalists were announced Friday, Kentucky not among them.

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Kentucky Moves Forward With Race to the Top Application

by Gabe Bullard July 12, 2011

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has taken steps to apply for federal education grants from the Race to the Top program. The commonwealth is eligible for a portion of the $500 million that will be made available later this year. Like the previous round of Race to the Top grants, states must put together lengthy applications […]

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Kentucky to Seek More Race to the Top Dollars

by Gabe Bullard July 1, 2011

Kentucky will once again compete for federal Race to the Top dollars for education. The money is part of an effort to funnel $500 million in early learning programs. Grants of $50 to $100 million will be awarded later this year, and today, state officials announced they will apply for funds. The state previously changed […]

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Center On Education Policy Says Race To The Top Reforms Will Take Time To Show Results

by Gabe Bullard February 17, 2011

Over the last two years, many states changed their education policies to better compete for federal stimulus dollars through the Race to the Top program. The Center on Education Policy says many states have been slow to improve school assessments, though education standards have been raised in many states.

But without stimulus dollars to apply for, CEP president Jack Jennings says lawmakers may give up on education reform. That, he says, would be a mistake.

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In Depth: Officials React To "Race To The Top" Exclusion

by tcveigh August 25, 2010

When the second round’s ten winners were announced, Kentucky was not on the list. “We got zero points for charter schools, so we were at a 32 point deficit even before the judging began,” said state Education Commissioner Terry Holliday.

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Kentucky Misses Out On Race To Top Dollars Again

by tcveigh August 24, 2010

In March, Tennessee and Delaware were awarded a total of $600 million for education improvements. Now, school districts in nine more states and the District of Columbia will share another $3.4 billion. Apparently, Kentucky’s application for federal funding was lacking one vital component.

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In Depth: Kentucky Vying For More Education Funds

by tcveigh July 28, 2010

Kentucky received encouraging news this week regarding its second bid for federal Race to the Top dollars. But some say the state’s application still may be lacking in one key area.

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