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Louisville EMS Program Saves Money, Provides Better Care

Nationwide, ten percent of emergency room visits are non-urgent. People call 911 or go to the hospital for ailments that could be cured at a doctor’s office or clinic. A majority of these patients are on Medicaid or are uninsured, and their ER visits drive up healthcare costs.

That makes them the target audience for a computer program used by Louisville Metro EMS, which could save both the health care system and patients money, while providing more appropriate care.

911 calls in Louisville are route to Metro Safe. Inside it’s quiet and calm by design because on the other line it’s likely not.

Calls may require any combination of police, fire and EMS; others require none of the above and that population is the focus of the Priority Solutions Integrated Access Management program, or PSIAM, and Louisville Metro is the only EMS agency in the country that uses it.