A lobbying group for various drug manufacturers has set a record for money spent during a Kentucky legislative session.

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association spent nearly half a million dollars between January and March lobbying against a bill aimed at curbing meth production by limiting pseudoephedrine purchases.

According to the Legislative Branch Ethics Commission, that’s a new yearly record,  and there’s still one month of accounting left to do. Further, the group’s advertising expenses weren’t included, meaning the CHPA likely spent  millions fighting the bill, which ultimately passed.

State Senator Tom Buford opposed the measure and has no problem with the spending.

“I would not want to restrict anyone’s ability to voice their opinion because I think you move into a dictatorship when you do that,” he says. “It really sounds an exorbitant of money when you look at it, but if you go to Washington D.C. they’re spending hundreds of millions.” [click to continue…]

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Stumbo Says Drug Bills, On-Time Budgets Will Be Highlights of 2012 Session

by Kenny Colston March 26, 2012

As the 2012 legislative session winds down, lawmakers aren’t touting a long list of accomplishments. They say that’s not due to a lack of work, but mainly a lack of extra money to fund new programs or expand others. Instead, House Speaker Greg Stumbo says the main highlights will be a three-bill attack on Kentucky’s […]

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House Judiciary Committee Passes PSE Bill

by Kenny Colston March 19, 2012

After a week of negotiations, the House Judiciary Committee has passed an amended version of a bill that would regulate pseudoephedrine. The drug—often called PSE—is a key ingredient in allergy medicines, but it is also used to make methamphetamine. In the fight against meth, lawmakers have long debated various proposals to control PSE. The bill currently […]

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House Judiciary Committee Has First Hearing on PSE Bill

by Kenny Colston March 13, 2012

A proposal to restrict the purchase of pseudoephedrine-containing medicine is now up for discussion in the Kentucky House of Representatives. The cold medicine is a key ingredient in meth production, and lawmakers hope restricting PSE will reduce meth use in the commonwealth. Earlier this month, the Senate passed a compromise proposal. That bill limits consumers […]

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Today on State of the News

by Laura Ellis March 2, 2012

Segment A: In our metro news segment, we’ll speak with WFPL’s Erica Peterson about a proposed ash landfill in Trimble County. Devin Katayama will report on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta‘s visit to Louisville this week, and Erin Keane shares her review of the Veri**on Play. Segment B: Kenny Colston joins us with the latest from […]

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State Senate Passes Bill Regulating PSE Medicine Use

by Kenny Colston March 2, 2012

A bill regulating the amount of certain cold medicines consumers can buy over the counter has passed the State Senate. The bill is intended to crack down on meth users, who use cold medicine to make the illegal drug. Senate Bill 3 passed after an amendment raised the monthly pseudoephedrine allotment to seven point two […]

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Current Bill to Regulate PSE Use In Trouble, Another Compromise Possible

by Kenny Colston March 1, 2012

A bill dealing with pseudoephedrine usage could be in trouble for the second straight legislative session. Supporters of restricting PSE use thought they had a compromise. Previous bills have attempted to make the drug available by prescription only. The latest measure would allow the drug to remain over the counter but limits consumers to three […]

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PSE Compromise Passes Committee, Could See Senate Floor Action Today

by Kenny Colston March 1, 2012

A supposed compromise on a bill aimed at cracking down on meth production in Kentucky is once again making its way through the state Senate. The bill passed committee quickly this morning. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Robert Stivers, says the bill could be voted on the Senate floor as soon as this afternoon. The compromise […]

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Stivers Says He’s Considering Compromises on Anti-Meth Bill

by Kenny Colston February 23, 2012

A Senate bill that would have made pseudoephedrine available by prescription only has surprisingly been killed by its sponsor. State Senator Robert Stivers withdrew Senate Bill 50 Thursday, to the objection of several of his colleagues. Pseudoephedrine, or PSE, is a key ingredient in both over-the-counter cold medicines and meth. The bill was meant to […]

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Debate over Psuedoephedrine as Prescription Only Getting Personal

by Kenny Colston January 30, 2012

The debate over how to regulate psedudoephedrine is becoming more polarized. Lawmakers are wrestling with the idea of whether to make the drug, known as PSE, available by prescription only. Law enforcement supports that idea, while health care and citizen groups don’t. The debate has led one state Senator to dial back his leadership on […]

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