Commowealth’s Attorney Concerned Rehabilitation Facilities Can’t Handle Early Release Program

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio The Commonwealth’s Attorney for thee eastern Kentucky counties has concerns about a mandatory release program that begins next week. The Department of Corrections is due to release nearly 1,000 nonviolent felons back into their communities as part of an effort to save on prison costs. The released prisoners will […]

Frankfort Prison to Become State Police Training Academy

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has decided to close a minimum security prison and make it a training academy for Kentucky State Police. Beshear says the state no longer needs the Frankfort Career Development Center, which houses 205 low-risk inmates. “Our inmate population has dropped, more than 1600 inmates, between February 15, 2008 and April 20 […]

Corrections Bill Gives Police More Discretion on Whether to Arrest Some Offenders

The legislation is meant to reduce prison costs and crowding largely by steering drug offenders toward treatment programs. Senate Judiciary Committee chair Tom Jensen says it also gives police more flexibility to issue citations for misdemeanor drug crimes, such as marijuana possession, rather than make arrests.