More Women Asking for Early Labor

When the March of Dimes released its annual report card on the frequency and causes of premature births in November, Kentucky got an ‘F’. The country as whole got a ‘D’. It cited factors such as smoking during pregnancy and a lack of prenatal care, but as WFPL’s Stephanie Crosby reports, something else has been… Continue reading More Women Asking for Early Labor

Pregnancy Over 40

Women have long been told the older they are, the riskier pregnancy is to both mother and baby. But as the population ages and women marry (or decide to have children) later and later, more women over forty are choosing to become pregnant. Women in their forties, fifties and is some cases, even sixties are deciding to become mothers, and it’s not always for a first baby. But what should women (and their partners) know before deciding on a later life pregnancy? What are the real risks? And what are the chances for conception if you are over forty?  Listen to the Show