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$221.7 Million Powerball Ticket Sold In Clarksville, Indiana

A Powerball lottery ticket worth nearly $222 million was sold this week at a Clarksville, Indiana convenience store. 

Hoosier Lottery officials say the ticket-holder has not yet stepped forward. The prize is worth just under $112 million if the buyer chooses to receive the money in a lump sum.         

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Powerball Winners Claim $128.6 Million Prize

A husband and wife from Georgetown, Kentucky have stepped forward to collect a Powerball lottery jackpot worth nearly $129 million before taxes.

Rob and Tuesday Anderson both work at Johnson Controls, which makes auto parts for the Toyota plant.

Rob Anderson says he went to a local Marathon convenience store on Christmas Eve to buy three $1 tickets to give as stocking stuffers, but the clerk mistakenly printed a single $3 Quick Pick ticket.

Anderson decided to keep the ticket, which turned out to contain the winning numbers.

He says there are no big plans for the money at this point.

We’re really grounded people. My wife has taught me well, so to speak, to hang on to that dollar and see how far it gets you. We’ll still clip coupons, we’ll still look for the clearance racks,” he said.

The prize is the largest won in Kentucky since the state lottery was created in 1989.

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Winning Kentucky Powerball Ticket Still Unclaimed

According to Kentucky Lottery officials, a winning Powerball ticket worth $128.6 million has been sold in Georgetown, Kentucky. The ticket was sold at the ProTravel Marathon located at 102 Success Drive.

No one has claimed the winning ticket, which matched all 6 Powerball numbers from Saturday’s drawing. Kentucky Lottory spokesperson Chip Polston says there are a lot of theories about the winning ticket.

“One of the interesting twists to this is that the ticket could have potentially been given as a Christmas gift,” says Polston. “Also, when looking at the location of the retailer, the retailer sits caddy-corner with the inter-state directly behind a very large outlet mall there, so it could have been somebody who was maybe passing through that might not even know that they have the ticket.”

The winning numbers were 32 – 36 – 37 – 41 – 53, and the Powerball was 30. It’s the largest jackpot ever in Kentucky.

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Kentucky Lottery To Join MegaMillions Game

The Kentucky Lottery is adding another large-jackpot game to its offerings.

The lottery corporation board has approved the addition of the MegaMillions game, which is played in a dozen states and has a minimum jackpot of $12 million.

Kentucky will continue to sell tickets for the Powerball game, which is played in 31 states.

Lottery Corporation President Arch Gleason says the move is expected to boost jackpots and proceeds for the state.

“Twenty-four percent of the players based on that research across the country indicate they would play both games and about 38 to 40 percent of the players have indicated that they’ll play somewhat more….”

MegaMillions is tentatively scheduled for launch in Kentucky in late January.

Kentucky Lottery proceeds returned to the state are used to fund various education programs.