power outage

Electricity has been restored for most Louisville residents, but several people found that when their lights came on, their Internet connections and cable television did not.

Cable often follows the same path as power lines, and Louisville Gas and Electric has priority access to damaged connections and poles.

“Typically, we are there on site when they finish working, particularly if it’s one of our core systems or a piece of our fiber network, and again, we didn’t have any of our fiber network go down,” says Insight Communications spokesman Jason Keller.

The wind storm of 2008 and ice storm of 2009 did more damage to the network than this weekend’s storm, so Keller says reconnecting customers was either fast or not necessary. He adds that the company knows when service isn’t working at an address, but there is no way for customers to track outages the way they can with LG&E.

“We have discussed that, previously, but we haven’t made any plans of doing something like that. But if anything like that changes, we’ll be certain to alert our customers to that,” he says.

Keller says most of the service outages reported in the last few days have been related to power outages. As of Tuesday afternoon, about 1,000 Insight customers were disconnected.

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JCPS Officials Say They’re Ready For Classes Wednesday

by Rick Howlett August 16, 2011

Officials at Jefferson County Public Schools say power, Internet and phone service have been restored at all schools and facilities and they’re ready to start the new academic year tomorrow. The start of school was delayed by two days due to power and other outages caused by Saturday’s severe weather. JCPS Director of Facilities and […]

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6am Update: No School, Still Some Customers Without Power

by Todd Mundt August 16, 2011

As of 6:00am this morning, 10,800 LG&E customers in Jefferson County are without power. LG&E/KU Outage Map There are still many intersections without working traffic lights, so be careful as you approach and treat such intersections as a four-way stop. LG&E officials say power could be restored to most customers by the middle of the […]

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6:40am Update: No Classes, More Residents Get Power

by Todd Mundt August 15, 2011

As of 6:30am this morning, 31,600 LG&E customers in Jefferson County are without power. In southern Indiana, 1,600 Duke Energy customers are without power. LG&E/KU Outage Map Duke Outage information There are still many intersections without working traffic lights, so be careful as you approach and treat such intersections as a four-way stop. LG&E officials […]

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11am Power Update: 69,000 Customers Without Power

by Todd Mundt August 14, 2011

The latest word we have from LG&E/KU is that 69,000 customers are without power in the Louisville metro after Saturday’s storm. Duke is reporting about 11,000 customers without power in southern Indiana. LG&E/KU Outage Map Duke Outage information Last night, LG&E Senior Vice President Chris Hermann told us it will take days to restore electricity, […]

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31,000 Without Power After Strong Storms

by scrosby June 18, 2009

About 31,000 people in Louisville are without electricity after today’s severe storms. LG&E spokesperson Chris Whelan says the storm was particularly damaging because it contained high winds and a large volume of lightning. “Lightning will affect fuses and poles and such and then the high winds obviously knocks limbs into our trees and pulls power […]

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Community, Progress Support Buried Power Lines

by Gabe Bullard February 10, 2009

In the last five months, Kentucky has faced the two largest power outages in its history. The blackouts have re-ignited discussion among citizens and government officials on what it would take to better protect the electricity grid from future disasters.

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Power Restoration Continues Across Kentucky

by Rick Howlett February 2, 2009

Kentucky is awaiting word from Washington on a request to declare the state a major disaster area in the wake of last week’s deadly ice storm. Governor Beshear says the state is making substantial progress in the massive recovery effort, but one week after the storm first hit, 255-thousand utility customers remain without power. Seventy-three […]

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Utility Crews Make Progress; 83K Still in Dark

by kespeland February 2, 2009

As of late Sunday, more than 80,000 customers were still without power in Louisville. But utility crews made progress thanks to warmer weather.

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Officials Urge Fire Safety As Blackout Continues

by Rick Howlett January 29, 2009

Fire officials in Louisville say there’s been a spike in structure fires since the ice storm struck the area Tuesday night. McMahan Fire District Chief Paul Barth says many of those blazes have been in suburban homes that have lost electricity. “Some of these fires can be attributed to fireplace fire. folks are trying to […]

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