Senate Budget Committee Hearings Underway

Health and Family Services Secretary Janie Miller has been on the hot seat for several hours, defending the administration’s ability to produce hundreds of millions of dollars in managed care savings. Sen. Bob Leeper, who chairs the committee, was asked when the committee might take a vote.

New VA Hospital Timeline Awaits Decision About Location

Elected officials and veterans have been at odds over the best location for the hospital. Many Louisville officials want it to be downtown near other hospitals. Many veterans want it to replace the current hospital on Zorn Avenue, near the interstate. Still others have proposed splitting the inpatient and outpatient services, and putting one downtown and the other on Zorn Avenue. Yarmuth says the VA is considering those options, and looking into a few other sites around the county.

Medicaid Bill Action Still Pending

At least one more hearing will be held in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee before a vote is taken on a Medicaid bill. Health and Family Services Secretary Janie Miller is scheduled to testify before the committee on Monday. Kentucky Senate President David Williams is still grumbling about the pace of the special session. Williams says Gov. Beshear never should have called the session without some kind of an agreement.

US House of Representatives to Vote on Funding for Public Broadcasting Today

Yarmuth says the measure was introduced Tuesday afternoon and has not been further discussed or debated over. He says the measure needs to be considered in greater detail and with public input.
The House passed a continuing resolution for three weeks to find a way to fund the government by the end of this fiscal year. Yarmuth says the coming weeks will focus almost exclusively on the budget in the interest of preventing a government shutdown.

Hearings on Kentucky Medicaid Budget Begin

Senate Republicans want to balance Medicaid with across-the-board cuts to state agencies, including education. Gov. Beshear says he can balance the program without cuts. House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he and House Minority Leader Jeffrey Hoover are discussing a bipartisan compromise that would target areas, besides education, to cut in case deficits occurred under the governor’s plan.

Bayh Signs With Fox News

Former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will now appear regularly on Fox News. The Democrat and the cable news network announced today that Bayh will give comments and political analysis on various Fox programs.

Bayh cited dissatisfaction with congress and excessively partisan politics as reasons for his retirement last year.

Metro Police Adding Patrols in Old Louisville

Lieutenant Steimle says there will be an emphasis on the education aspect of the initiative, aimed at UofL students living in the neighborhood. 6th District Councilman David James has directed some of his discretionary funds to the LMPD to pay officers overtime to patrol the neighborhood.