Police to Vote on Take Home Car Settlement

by Gabe Bullard March 1, 2011

Last week, the FOP website reported that the city had tentatively agreed to drop fees on officers who use their cars off duty and to repay the officers for the fees that have been collected since they were first imposed in 2008.

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Fischer Hopes For Fresh Start With LMPD

by Gabe Bullard January 10, 2011

The FOP and the mayor’s office were previously at odds on a number of issues, most recently whether officers can be made to pay to use their police vehicles while off-duty. The case has been appealed several times, but Fischer says out-of-court negotiations with the FOP will begin this week.

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Fischer Transition Team Reviewing Employees, Budget

by Gabe Bullard November 22, 2010

Fischer said earlier this month that he will essentially ask all of the department heads to re-apply for their jobs. Last week, his team sent letters to those employees asking them for information, including their resumes. Fischer says he’s not sure when any decisions will be made on who to retain.

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Two Burglaries May Have Been Anti-Gay Hate Crimes

by Gabe Bullard October 20, 2010

Police are trying determine if two recent burglaries in Germantown and the Original Highlands may have been anti-gay hate crimes. The homes of two gay couples were ransacked last month, and the method the perpetrators used was identical in each instance.

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Grant Will Pay For 32 Additional Police Officers In Louisville

by Gabe Bullard October 1, 2010

The six million dollar federal grant comes from the Community Oriented Policing Services program and will fund the positions for three years. After that, it’s up to the next mayor to find the money to keep the officers on board.

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Police Car Dispute Could Continue Into The Next Administration

by Gabe Bullard September 13, 2010

The dispute over take-home cars for Louisville police officers continues. Mayor Jerry Abramson’s office will appeal a Jefferson Circuit judge’s ruling that the city must negotiate any fees for police officers who use their cars off duty. And Abramson’s appeal may end up in the hands of the next mayor.

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City Undecided On Appeal In Take-Home Car Case

by Gabe Bullard August 5, 2010

Louisville Metro Government has been handed another legal defeat in its attempts to collect fees on take-home police cars. On Wednesday, a Jefferson Circuit judge upheld a state Labor Cabinet decision in favor of the police officers, and blocking the city from collecting the fees.

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Police Unveil Derby Traffic Plan

by Gabe Bullard April 15, 2010

The Louisville Metro Police Department has put the finishing touches on its traffic plan for Thunder Over Louisville Saturday.

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Council To Look Into LMPD Court Absences

by Gabe Bullard April 13, 2010

A Louisville Metro Council Committee will begin looking into the police department’s problem with court attendance Wednesday. But it’s not yet clear what the council can do to correct the problem.

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LMPD's Lead-Free Firing Range Opens

by Gabe Bullard April 9, 2010

A new firing range for the Louisville Metro Police Department is now operational.

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