Another Polar Bear Cub Coming To Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo is getting another polar bear cub for its Glacier Run exhibit. Zoo director John Walczak says Siku, a 22 month old male cub, will arrive in Louisville early this fall from the Toledo, Ohio Zoo. “Our hope is that in the not too distant future that Siku will become best friends with […]

Polar Bear Cub Qannik Bound for Louisville Today

The polar bear cub Qannik (KEN-ick) is heading for Louisville today.  She was rescued in April by the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage after being separated from her family, and is now being adopted by the Louisville Zoo. Louisville Zoo director John Walczak has been in Alaska with the Assistant Mammal Curator and Supervisor of Animal […]

The Changing World of the Polar Bear

When we see them in pictures, or at the zoo, they look fun and cuddly. But if you’ve ever read or heard anything about the polar bear, you know they are fierce predators. Did you also know they are disappearing? Scientific evidence points to the polar bear as being least 200,000 years old, but how much longer the species will last is still a matter of debate. Join us on Tuesday when we talk with author Richard Ellis about his work regarding polar bears. Listen to the Show