Fischer Appoints Planning and Design Services Director

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has appointed a new director of Planning and Design Services, filling a long-vacant position in a department in need of a turnaround. The last director resigned under former Mayor Jerry Abramson, who left the position open. The department was among the first to be looked at in Fischer’s review of city… Continue reading Fischer Appoints Planning and Design Services Director

Fischer Launches Planning and Design Services Review

The Planning and Design Services department works on zoning, landmarks and other issues. The review will look at how the department can better serve developers and neighborhoods. It will be led by an eight person panel that includes representatives from the mayor’s office, the state resource council, home builders and preservation groups.

Planning Commission Approves Homeless Shelter Zoning

The regulations address a gap in zoning laws that neither prohibited nor allowed a shelter to be built downtown. The regulations define zoning for three types of buildings that serve the homeless, and would allow shelters downtown.