Officials Frustrated With Meth Lab Proliferation

From Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio The deputy director of the Operation Unite anti-drug program says his officers are spending so much time cleaning up meth labs, there’s not much left for other drug interdiction efforts. Dan Smoot says meth production is such a problem in southern and eastern Kentucky right now that police have […]

Drug Czar Says Kasper Isn’t Enough to Fight Drug Abuse

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio Kentucky’s system for tracking prescription drug sales is “forward leaning” but it’s not enough to curb abuse. That’s according to U.S. Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske. Speaking to the Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, Kerlikowske said the system, known as KASPER, and similar initiatives in other states work well, […]

Ohio Police Chief Discusses Appalachian Pill Pipeline on Diane Rehm

Portsmouth, Ohio Chief of Police Charles Horner was among the guests discussing prescription drug abuse on the Diane Rehm show today. You can listen to it here. Horner says prescription overdose death’s in Ohio’s Scioto County have quadrupled in the last few years. Ohio Governor John Kasich recently met with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to […]

Beshear and Other Governors Working Together to Fight Prescription Abuse

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Ohio Governor John Kasich  met today to discuss their states’ efforts to fight prescription drug abuse. Many of the prescription drugs abused in eastern Kentucky and neighboring regions come from Florida. Kasich says the governors must come together to stop the so-called pill pipeline […]

White House Drug Czar Puts Emphasis on Fighting Painkillers

The fight against prescription drug abuse has been a contentious topic in Kentucky, but it’s gaining attention from federal officials who unveiled a new plan to crackdown on so-called “pill mill” pipelines. From the AP: The federal government on Tuesday announced its first-ever comprehensive strategy to combat the abuse of oxycodone and other opioids, aiming […]

Ohio Governor Joins Beshear Against Prescription Drug Abuse

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio Ohio Governor John Kasich says he’ll be meeting with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear on Tuesday to talk about ways the two states can join forces to fight prescription drug abuse. “We’re going to work with the governor of Kentucky, the governor of West Virginia (and) I’ve already talked to […]

Beshear Considering Mandatory Pill-Tracking System

After testifying before a U.S. House committee on the so-called pill pipeline, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says the state needs to consider making its prescription drug tracking system mandatory. On Thursday, Beshear addressed lawmakers about illegal pills abused in eastern Kentucky. Federal law enforcement officials estimate that 60 percent of those prescription come directly from […]

Conway, Mongiardo Praise Florida Governor’s Reversal on Prescription Tracking

Reacting to a congressional panel on the “pill mill pipeline”, Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo and Attorney General Jack Conway praised Florida Governor Rick Scott for supporting the creation of a prescription drug monitoring system in his state. On Thursday, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear told WFPL that Scott assured him that Florida would initiate a […]

Beshear and Florida Governor to Discuss Prescription Abuse Before Congress

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Florida Governor Rick Scott disagree over how best to fight prescription drug abuse, and on Thursday morning, both men will address the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the issue. Beshear and various state and federal officials have encouraged Scott to rethink his plans to cut an as-yet-unimplemented prescription pill tracking […]

Conway Asks Floridians to Support Prescription Tracking Program

A letter from Conway appeared in Friday’s Sun Sentinel newspaper. It asks readers to lobby their state lawmakers to keep the program. The letter comes days after Scott announced plans to use federal grant funds from the new healthcare law to create a task force to fight prescription abuse.