Obama Calls For New ‘Square Deal’, Super PACs Will Likely Spend $1 Billion on 2012 Election, Pike County Community Sues Coal Company for Flood Damage: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm President Barack Obama is making a pitch to middle-class voters today in Kansas, talking about his proposed payroll tax cut and his plan to extend unemployment benefits. 1:11pm We are likely to see as much as a billion dollars spent by Super PACs to determine the outcome of the 2012 elections. These Super PACs […]

Federal Government Granted Permanent Injunction Against Pike County Coal Mine

A federal court has issued a permanent injunction against a Pike County coal mine in response to allegations from the Mine Safety and Health Administration that the mine was giving advance notice of inspections. When miners have advance notice, they can quickly rectify unsafe conditions to pass inspection. That’s what MSHA says was happening at […]

Federal Government Seeks Injunction Against Pike County Mine

NPR’s Howard Berkes is reporting that the Labor Department is asking a federal judge to issue an injunction against a Kentucky coal mine for warning its miners of an inspection. The mine in question is CAM Mining’s #28 Mine in Pike County and the injunction would prohibit anyone at the mine from issuing advance warnings. […]