Displaced Animals Arrive in Louisville

About 40 cats and dogs that were displaced by severe storms in Alabama will soon be up for adoption in the Louisville area. The pets could not be reunited with their owners after tornadoes devastated Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area. The Humane Society collected the animals and is distributing them to various shelters. Locally, the… Continue reading Displaced Animals Arrive in Louisville

Integrative Medicine for Pets

Those of us who care for four-legged, feathered, or scaly friends have a range of options in veterinary care, and that list now includes therapies like pet massage and acupuncture among many others. What do we know about these treatments? Who is qualified to stick needles in Fluffy or to rub down my iguana? And if we’re open to these choices, are they best used with sick animals, or can they maintain positive health too? Listen to the Show