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Making the Most of Your Money Now

by Laura Ellis on January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010
Making the Most of Your Money Now
We hear so many different things about how to save money, how not to spend money, how to make money. One of the trendy money saving tips is to stop buying coffees, or the “Latte Factor”. Well financial guru Jane Bryant Quinn says pish posh to that strategy. You might save a few bucks a week, but it won’t help if you still go out and charge that big television. Join us on Monday when we get some timely advice from Jane Bryant Quinn. Jane Bryant Quinn appears courtesy of the Louisville Free Public Library.

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Let's Talk Money!

by Laura Ellis September 16, 2009

With the economy’s downturn and Wall Street scandals, it might feel like the financial world is beyond your control. But you can at least take charge of your own budget and learn to use your money wisely – whether you have a lot or just a little. Your grandma may have taught you that it’s rude to discuss money, but on Wednesday we’ll bend the rules. Listen to the Show

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