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Occupy Louisville Demonstrators Say They’ve Acquired New Permit

Occupy Louisville demonstrators say a permit has been acquired for Jefferson Square Park at 6th and Jefferson streets downtown. They say they can now stay overnight across the street from City Hall until the end of the year.

Occupy Louisville began as an unorganized, leaderless demonstration against corporate greed and to give voices to under-represented people. It mimics the Occupy Wall Street movement happening in New York City. Occupy Louisville has since begun to organize.

“Now that we have a permit and we can actually set up a base camp, a lot of the work from the various people involved, and newcomers included, can be done on site,” said Greg Huda who works and lives in Southern Indiana but has been spending nights at the Belvedere.

Huda said moving the Occupy Louisville movement from the Belvedere to Jefferson Square Park permanently will allow for more focus.

“So you’ll see more structure, more organization at the site, because it was somewhat wasted when you had to move,” he said.

Local News

KY Senators Defeated on Concealed Weapons

Kentucky Senators Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell were on the losing side of a vote today on an amendment to grant citizens with concealed weapons permits in their home state the right to carry those concealed weapons in other states.  The amendment fell two votes short of the 60 votes it needed to pass.

Although it was mostly Republicans backing the amendment, some Democrats joined them, including Indiana’s Evan Bayh.  But Indiana’s other Senator, the Republican Richard Luger, voted against the measure.  Opponents argued the amendment would endanger lives. Supporters argued that current gun laws are confusing.

Kentucky already maintains agreements with other states to allow its residents to carry their concealed weapons there.