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Sandusky Appears on TV, Occupy Wall Street Cleared by NYPD, Meeting an Immigrant Entrepreneur, Teaching Photography in Saudi Arabia: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky talked on TV last night, on NBC’s new primetime show. Is that kind of exposure to questioning helping or hurting him? Some new angles are emerging, too. We’ll get an update.

1:12pm: Police moved into the Occupy Wall Street encampment at New York City’s Zuccotti Park and arrested 70 protesters as the park was cleared for a thorough cleaning today. Protesters will return after. We’re seeing similar events around the country. We wanted to talk about the future of Occupy, so we’ll chat with Jeff Sharlet, who profiles members of the Occupy Movement in Rolling Stone.

1:35pm: We’ll meet another immigrant entrepreneur and hear how he’s tried to build a business and a new life in Louisville.

1:50pm: And how do you teach photography in a country where portraiture is forbidden? Janice Levy has just returned from a year of teaching photography at the Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University for women in Riyadh.

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Supreme Court Considers Health Care Rules, Why No One Intervened at Penn State, Actors Theater Piece Looks at Returning Soldiers: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: The Supreme Court said today that it will take up the constitutional fight over the President’s embattled health care law. The core issue: under the U.S. constitution, can the government require Americans to buy health care? And if the answer is yes, what else can the government require Americans to buy? We’ll get reactions.

1:12pm: The cases of alleged abuse at Penn State University have many asking why those who are reported to have witnessed it didn’t call the cops. Psychologists say the “bystander effect” may be at play.

1:35pm: Actors Theatre of Louisville is staging “ReEntry,” a play about the struggle of soldiers returning to their homes and trying to resume their normal lives. We’ll talk to the play’s co-writer and director.

1:40pm: At this time 10 years ago following the September 11 terrorist attacks, US and coalition forces were battling the Taliban in Afghanistan. They took control of Kabul on Nov. 14, 2001 and Jalalabad on Nov. 14. The battle of Torah Borah would be fought in December. Now with the war winding down and American troops setting the state for withdrawal in 2014, the BBC’s Mike Thompson reports on current Afghan attitude toward the presence of foreign troops.

1:49pm: Sue Grafton’s alphabet series of mysteries featuring private eye Kinsey Millhone have been longtime fixtures on the best seller lists. Today her 22nd “V Is For Vengeance” comes out. Grafton talks about the series, and also tells us what’s on her reading list, and why she’s not always a fan of crime novels.