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The problems with privatized Medicaid in Eastern and Western Kentucky could be coming to Louisville.

Passport Health Plan has run Medicaid in Louisville and the surrounding area for more than a decade. The system was the model for last year’s Medicaid privatization, which brought three new Medicaid management companies into the state.

The federal government has ordered the state to open the Passport region to competition by next year. But Medicaid privatization isn’t working too well in the rest of the state. Hospital officials claim two of the private companies aren’t paying enough to reimburse Medicaid-covered care. The private operators say they are only adhering to their contracts with the state.

“Let’s make sure we have a plan,” says Senate Health and Welfare Committee Chairwoman Julie Denton. “If we are going to be bidding out with the Passport region for next year, starting January 1st, the Cabinet sure as heck better be working on an RFP and putting it together in a more thoughtful and steady fashion than they did the Medicaid managed care RFP for last year.”

The state has until July 1 to tell the federal government its plan to open Louisville to competition. But the Cabinet for Health and Family Services hasn’t yet begun work on the plan.

The current three statewide operators all have offices in Louisville, making them obviously competition partners for the region. But Denton says she’s not sure bringing those three in is a good idea.

“I don’t think they can just take three bids from the three MCOs and open those up and let those three MCOs in. And frankly with the way Coventry has been working thus far, I have no interest in letting them into the Passport region,” she says.

Currently, many healthcare systems are having contract issues with CoventryCares, one of the three new statewide MCOs. Coventry officials say they need more operating money and the company is looking to providers and patients to recoup profits.  That has led to lawsuits and threats from lawmakers that Coventry could be barred from operating in the commonwealth.

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Legislative Committee Issues Subpoenas to Medicaid Providers

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For only the second time in its history, a Kentucky legislative committee will issue subpoenas…This time over Medicaid managed care and locally-owned pharmacies. The Program Review and Investigations Committee voted today to authorize subpoenas to Kentucky’s three new managed care providers over reimbursement rates to independent pharmacies. Passport, based in Louisville, is exempt from the […]

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Passport Health Plan is Reimbursed for Misappropriation of Funds

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Members of Passport Health Plan will pay back $26.4 million dollars that the Medicaid provider misappropriated. When Passport’s surplus grew to around $90 million dollars, it tried to hand money back to Norton Hospital, Jewish and St. Mary’s Inc., University Medical Center and University Physicians Associates. Passport executives did this to try to lower their […]

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Beshear Unveils New Medicaid Plan

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Described as a “major sea change”, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced Thursday that more private companies will manage the state’s growing $6-billion Medicaid program as part of new three-year contract. The governor said the plan will save taxpayers $375 million in General Funds that pay for most state functions and another $1.3 billion in all […]

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AmeriHealth To Pay Kentucky $2 Million

by Gabe Bullard January 26, 2011

AmeriHealth handles day-to-day operations for Passport Health Plan. Their payment to the state comes after a nine-month investigation by Attorney General Jack Conway’s office. Conway says AmeriHealth falsified cervical cancer screenings in order to receive a bonus from the state.

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Cook Resigns From Passport Board

by Gabe Bullard December 8, 2010

Passport manages Medicaid services for Jefferson and 15 surrounding counties. Dr. Larry Cook’s resignation is the latest in a series of changes in the organization in the weeks following a scathing report from the State Auditor’s office which uncovered lavish spending and conflicts of interest.

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Passport Executives Fired

by Rick Howlett December 7, 2010

They were sharply criticized in a state audit report released last month that found extravangant spending and conflicts of interest within Passport.

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Passport Board To Meet With HFS Secretary

by Rick Howlett December 5, 2010

Last week, Governor Steve Beshear presented officials from the Louisville-based Medicaid services company with a 11-point “Corrective Action Plan” that they must follow in order to keep Passport’s nearly $800 million state contract.

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Verbal Jousting In Frankfort Over Passport Contract

by Tony McVeigh December 2, 2010

The Beshear administration blames the General Assembly, and lawmakers blame the administration for problems with the $800 million contract for Medicaid services in the Louisville area.

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Passport Names Interim CEO

by Rick Howlett December 1, 2010

The hiring of Mark Carter Wednesday came hours after Governor Steve Beshear presented Passport leaders with an 11 point “Corrective Action Plan.” The governor said Passport’s nearly $800 million state contract will be at risk if the plan is not followed.

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