PARC Change Repeats Unenforced Policy From 2009

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is cracking down on parking scofflaws to help overcome the city’s budget shortfall, but his plan mirrors a 30-month-old policy that officials never enforced. Starting May 7, parking officers will scan every car parked downtown to check for delinquent tickets. An immobilizing boot will be placed on cars with three or […]

PARC Testing Electronic Parking Terminals

The Parking Authority of River City is testing out three new electronic pay stations that could eventually replace parking meters downtown. The pay stations are single terminals that allow drivers to use coins, cash or cards to pay for on-street parking. They cost $7,000 to $11,000 each—nine to fourteen times what a regular parking meter […]

Parking Meter Costs, Technology to Change

The cost of on-street parking in downtown Louisville is going up. Starting in July, metered parking will cost one dollar per hour, marking a 25 cent increase. The Parking Authority of River City approved the change this week, and it’s expected to generate a half million dollars in additional revenue each year. But despite the […]

Parking Meter Rates to Increase This Summer

Street parking in downtown Louisville will be more expensive starting in July. The Parking Authority of River City has voted, and parking meter rates will jump by 25 cents per hour, bringing the total cost for 60 minutes of parking to one dollar. Parking meters are a handy revenue source for governments, too. Marketplace recently […]