Officials Urge Passage of Prescription Drug Legislation

From Brenna Angel, Kentucky Public Radio Governor Steve Beshear and other state officials are touting a legislative proposal that focuses on fighting prescription drug abuse. House Speaker Greg Stumbo filed House Bill 4 last week calling for tougher restrictions on pain management clinics and better use of the state‚Äôs prescription monitoring system, and other lawmakers… Continue reading Officials Urge Passage of Prescription Drug Legislation

Why Do I Have a Headache?

The experience is so universal that we colloquially call any problem or difficult situation a “headache.” We’ve all had them, and Tuesday we’ll learn more about these cranial crises, including the various types of headaches, the difference between a headache and a migraine, and when to call your doctor. Hopefully, we’ll also learn how to make headaches shorter and less frequent. So take two of these, and call us in the afternoon!   Listen to the Show

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