Starlings Flock to Oldham County, C-J’s Emily Hagedorn Explains: State of the News

On Friday’s State of the News, we heard about the tens of thousands of birds circling over Oldham County. It’s called a murmuration—when flocks of starlings come together and fly in dense formations—and it’s been happening nightly in LaGrange since late fall. Emily Hagedorn covered the story for the Courier-Journal, and she joined us to […]

Today on State of the News

Segment A: We’ll talk about this week’s metro news, including U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta‘s upcoming visit to Louisville, and the end of Kentucky’s Virtual High School program. Segment B: Kenny Colston joins us to talk about managed care companies’ claim that they’ve fixed problems with Medicaid payments, where the dropout bill and pseudoephedrine bill […]

Oldham County Little League Plays For World Series

The North Oldham County Little League team will play the last game of the regional finals against Hamilton, Ohio this Saturday. If they win, they’ll head to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series. The team is staying at the central division Little League Headquarters in Indianapolis, said manager Brad Bates. “It’s kind of […]

Getting to Know Our Neighbors in Oldham & Shelby Counties

One of only eighteen counties in the state to be classified as “moist” (a dry county with a wet city), the first county in the state to have a no kill animal shelter and known as the “Saddlebred Capital of the World,” Shelby County boasts a motto of “Good Land, Good Living, Good People.” The wealthiest county in the state, Oldham County is experiencing rapid growth, already preparing for the 2010 primary for county offices and dealing with some murky water quality issues. Oldham and Shelby counties may be considered the “bedroom communities” of Louisville, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work there to be done during the day. So, what’s new with our neighbors to the east? Listen to the Show

Oldham County Cuts 30 Plus Teaching Positions

The Oldham County Schools are planning to cut more than 30 teaching positions. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. Oldham County Schools Superintendent Paul Upchurch says the school system has too many teachers. That’s because the district had projected last year’s enrollment to grow by 300 to 500 students, but it grew by only 34 students. Upchurch […]