Rising Gas Prices, Debate Over Publishing H5N1 Research, and a Two-Hour Marathon?: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: Even though domestic consumption is down, gas prices are on the rise. There are real concerns about the supply of oil; relations between Iran and the West are strained and Iran says it’s shutting down sales of oil to Europe and there’s political turmoil in Nigeria, which is affecting supplies here in the US. […]

Yarmuth Demands Immediate End to Big Oil Subsidies

Joining an effort to end giveaways, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., announced his support of the Big Oil Welfare Repeal Act, which would revoke billions in tax subsidies given to oil companies. House Democrats planned a Thursday vote to force their Republican counterparts to take a stand on tax breaks given to companies such as […]

Here and Now Today: More on bin Laden, Gas Prices, and Kentucky Derby Lore

The number of questions around what happened during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound is growing. New details have emerged, and the Obama administration had to backtrack yesterday, saying, among other things, that Bin Laden did not have a gun, and his wife was not used as a human shield by him. We’ll get […]

President Discusses Libya, Japan, Economy in News Conference

President Obama says he’s prepared to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, if necessary, to stabilize oil prices. In his news conference, which ended a few minutes ago, Mr. Obama also said the U.S. and its allies are considering a range of options in Libya, including enforcing a no-fly zone over the country. He said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be meeting with member of the Libyan opposition in the next few days.
You can see more coverage on NPR’s live blog of the press conference at The Two-Way. We’ll have a full report and analysis on NPR’s All Things Considered today at 4pm on WFPL.

Gas Prices Continue to Plunge

Gas prices in Louisville have fallen dramatically over the last several days, and at least one gas industry expert thinks the trend could continue. A gallon of regular unleaded averages about $2.49 in Louisville today. AAA spokesperson Roger Boyd says fuels costs have been steadily falling throughout Kentucky and the rest of the country, due […]