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Scott Questions Fischer’s Camping Ban Ordinance

by admin May 10, 2012

Metro Councilwoman Attica Woodson Scott, D-1, is concerned about an ordinance being proposed by Mayor Greg Fischer that would ban overnight camping in response to the Occupy Louisville protest. Last month, the city ousted protestors from Founder’s Square in downtown without incident. But because the space is not considered an official Metro Park, there is […]

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Fischer Wants to Ban Encampments in Small Public Parks

by admin May 8, 2012

Citing damage caused by the Occupy Louisville protest, Mayor Greg Fischer has proposed an ordinance that would forbid residents from camping out in small public parks overnight. Six months ago, local activists affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement began demonstrating at the Belvedere and Jefferson Square Park in downtown. But in December, Metro Government […]

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Occupy Louisville Encampment Ends Tonight

by Devin Katayama April 13, 2012

Occupy Louisville demonstrators are being forced to leave Founder’s Square by midnight Friday, but the group plans on relocating its operation to office space in west Louisville. Demonstrators were allowed to stay at their encampment after the city granted Occupy Louisville a temporary permit earlier this year. That permit will expire tonight after the city […]

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Conrad Addresses Occupy Louisville, Gang Activity and Community Policing

by admin April 11, 2012

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad says his officers are prepared to deal with any possible situation that may arise in connection with the Occupy Louisville protesters. Last week, Mayor Greg Fischer ordered Occupy demonstrators to abandon their downtown encampment by April 13. Since last fall, dozens of activists have occupied a tent city and […]

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City Says Occupy Louisville Must Give Up Its Camp

by Gabe Bullard April 5, 2012

Louisville Metro Government says Occupy Louisville demonstrators must leave their encampment downtown. Occupy Louisville began six months ago as an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. Demonstrators first occupied the Belvedere, then Jefferson Square Park. At the request of Metro Government, the protest moved to Founder’s Square late last year. Demonstrators […]

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Forum Gives Louisville’s Homeless Chance to Voice Concerns

by Devin Katayama March 8, 2012

The Occupy Louisville movement has spurred the creation of a panel to hear concerns regarding homelessness in the city. A diverse group of organizations, including city officials, will listen to discussion this Friday on the issue. Those on the panel aren’t quite sure what issues might be brought up, but talks earlier this year with […]

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Louisville Police Give Demonstrators Space at Yum Center

by Devin Katayama February 29, 2012

Louisville Metro police say they’re providing space for Occupy Louisville members to demonstrate Wednesday at the KFC Yum Center. Occupy Louisville is joining other Occupy movements around the country in demonstrating against the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. The organization promotes limited government and conservative models for legislation in Congress.

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Occupy Louisville Releases Video of Arrests

by Gabe Bullard February 26, 2012

Occupy Louisville has released a video of protesters clashing with police outside of a Chase Bank in the Highlands. A police spokesman says officers were called to the bank Saturday afternoon in response to a complaint that protesters were blocking the entrance. The video shows several scuffles as police officers first attempt to keep the […]

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Five Arrested at Occupy Louisville Protest at Chase Bank

by Rick Howlett February 25, 2012

Five members of Occupy Louisville were arrested during a protest outside of Chase Bank in the Highlands today. Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell says officers were called to the bank this afternoon in response to a complaint that some of the demonstrators were blocking the entrance. All five of those arrested are charged with […]

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