Health Department Public Meetings Begin This Week

The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness will hold the first in a series of meetings this week to gather information from the public about the health care services they’re receiving. Director Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt says the meetings are part of the department’s mission to improve the health of Louisville’s citizens. “We’ll ask… Continue reading Health Department Public Meetings Begin This Week

Nesbitt: Many Louisvillians Face Health Problems From Smoking, Weight

The director of the Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness has delivered an assessment of the health of Louisville citizens and some strategies for improvement. Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt has been studying the city’s health statistics—the latest available are from 2009. Nesbitt says the smoking rate among Louisville adults was almost 24 percent, down slightly… Continue reading Nesbitt: Many Louisvillians Face Health Problems From Smoking, Weight

Kentucky Schools Commended For Fighting Obesity

Nearly 300 Kentucky schools have earned special recognition from First Lady Michelle Obama and the US Department of Agriculture for efforts to fight childhood obesity. Despite that, Kentucky has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the nation. According to one study, 37 percent of Kentucky’s children are overweight or obese.

School Lunches

How did our children end up eating nachos, pizza, and tater tots for lunch? That’s the question author Janet Poppendieck poses in her book “Free for All: Fixing School Food in America.” In it she explores what goes into the making of school lunches – not just ingredients, but policy decisions, nutrition requirements, and of course, budgetary restrictions. We’ll talk about it all on Wednesday with Poppendieck, along with Dr. Adewale Troutman and a member of the Health & Nutrition Division of the KY Department of Education. Join us with your questions and thoughts.   Listen to the Show

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Health Department To Help Add Calorie Counts To Menus

The Department of Health and Wellness is using about 500 thousand dollars of a nearly 8 million dollar federal grant to hire at least four dieticians and chefs. The new staff will work with restaurants to figure out how many calories are in certain items.

New Program Addresses Childhood Obesity

The University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics has launched a new program to help combat childhood obesity in a state that has more overweight children than 48 others. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. The program — called Healthy for Life — is housed in the Children’s Hospital Foundation Building downtown (601 S. Floyd St.) and… Continue reading New Program Addresses Childhood Obesity

Why Do We Keep Getting Fatter?

The Obesity Epidemic. It has become such a part of our common knowledge that it’s almost a proper noun. A new report shows that over the past year, obesity rates rose in 23 states and did not drop in a single state. But how much do we really know about obesity – and how much of what we think we know is really scientifically sound? Health organizations come up with stats based on BMI – but some scientists say BMI isn’t a measure of fitness or overall health. Listen to the Show

U of L Recieves NIH Grant

From WFPL’s Raj Ahuja The University of Louisville has received an $11.6 million National Institutes of Health grant for diabetes and obesity research.  U of L’s principal investigator in the research, Aruni Bhatnagar, says the funds will allow scientists to make more significant advances in their study of the conditions.  “Until now we’ve been sort of nibbling at the… Continue reading U of L Recieves NIH Grant

Kentucky's Obesity Rate Grows for Third Straight Year

A report released today says more Kentuckians are becoming obese. The state’s obesity rate is just over 28-percent, and that number has increased over the last three years. A study released today by Trust for America’s Health ranks Kentucky the seventh most obese state in the country, with Indiana ranked 11th. Mississippi tops the list.… Continue reading Kentucky's Obesity Rate Grows for Third Straight Year