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Developers Finish Liberty Green’s First For-Sale Homes

Construction is complete on the first for-sale dwellings in the new Liberty Green development between East Muhammad Ali and Jefferson Street downtown.

Mayor Greg Fischer joined developer Bill Weyland of City Properties to unveil eight new units of various sizes, two of which have been sold. The prices of the units range from $100,000 to $430,000.

“There’s lots of home choices here, whether it’s rental or ownership from all income levels and walks of life. So you can have a medical student living here, you can have a single mom with some kids, you can have an MD from the hospital over here, so there’s choices for everybody. And that really is what makes good vibrant street life,” said Fischer.

Liberty Green is a mixed-income development that also includes government subsidized units. It replaced the old Clarksdale public housing complex. The East Market area has been developing both in business, with the University of Louisville’s Nucleus developments, and with various restaurants that have popped up forming NuLu area of downtown.

Fischer said the Liberty Green development will spur more investment in the area.

“You look for economic impact. That means is the market responding well so you can see the tens and ultimately hundreds of millions of dollars that are going into the development here of the housing units themselves. But also the spin off investment that comes from them in terms of restaurants and entertainment venues,” he said.

Weyland said City Properties will continue its building in the area and he expects to have 32 new for-sale housing units in the area in the next few years. More recently, the development group is constructing a mix-use development across the street from the eight current units. This development will have nine rental apartments and three retail spaces downstairs, said Weyland.

Local News

Expanded “Flea Off Market” Is Saturday

A new Louisville flea market is expanding.

Last month’s inaugural Flea Off Market in the alley by Market and Shelby streets drew an estimated 1,000 visitors and 40 vendors. That was enough to warrant an expansion.

“It’s monthly now but we hope for it to be something weekly,” says organizer Courtenay Kunnecke. “We had huge success on the first one and it’s only gotten better. Despite the weather, we’ve grown.”

Kunnecke says she’s looking at indoor venues for future markets. Saturday’s event will close off Shelby Street and feature more food and entertainment, as well as at least 20 more vendors.

“The one [issue with last month’s market] was we didn’t have enough food vendors,” she says. “We didn’t expect that many people. We’ve increased the food vendors this time around.”