Coal Ash News Special [Audio]

On Thursday we spent an hour looking at Coal Ash — what it is, whether it’s dangerous, and how it’s regulated. We spoke with John Voyles, Vice President of Transmission and Generation Services for LG&E; Tom Fitzgerald Founder and Director of the the Kentucky Resources Council; Tom Robl, Associate Director of Environmental and Coal Technologies […]

Environmental Groups Announce Plans to Sue EPA Over Ozone Standards

Several environmental groups have announced they intend to sue the Environmental Protection Agency. They’re trying to force the agency to take action on ozone pollution. The letter gives the EPA 60 days to take action, or else the groups will sue. They want the EPA to identify communities that have unsafe levels of ozone pollution, […]

New Emissions Standards Could Create Greener Auto Jobs in Kentucky

by Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio A new report says environmental controls on vehicles could help Kentucky’s economy. The study, conducted by the United Autoworkers Union, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Wildlife Federation, found that stronger fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks will help create thousands of clean energy jobs […]

Kentucky Ranked High in List of 20 ‘Most Toxic’ States

Kentucky is among the states with the worst air quality, according to a report released this week. The report was commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council, but used data self-reported by industries and publicly available on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Kentucky ranked fourth in the list of the 20 ‘most toxic’ states. Not […]

New Nuclear for Kentucky?

A bill that would make it easier to build new nuclear power plants in Kentucky is making its way through the state legislature. New plants have been banned in the Commonwealth since 1984, unless the federal government finds a way to permanently dispose of the waste.