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Louisville Gas and Electric has secured state approval to build natural gas turbines at its Cane Run Power Station. The Kentucky Public Service Commission issued its ruling today.

The ruling will allow LG&E to build a 640 megawatt natural gas power plant at the current site of the coal-fired Cane Run Power Station, which is set to be retired by 2016. The company will also buy existing gas generation in Oldham County, if it gets approval for the project from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Environmental groups intervened in the case, arguing that LG&E should examine sources other than gas to meet the area’s energy demand—like renewable sources and efficiency measures. In the order, the commissioners disagreed, but did require the company to commission a study to determine what energy savings can be achieved through efficiency programs.

Earthjustice attorney Shannon Fisk was co-counsel for the environmental interveners. He says even though the application was granted, the efficiency study “is real progress that will hopefully save customers money and also be beneficial to the environment,” he said. [click to continue…]

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PSC Approves LG&E Proposal for Gas Plant at Cane Run

by Erica Peterson May 3, 2012

The PSC has approved Louisville Gas and Electric’s application to construct a 640 megawatt natural gas power plant at the current site of the gas-fired Cane Run Power Station. The company will also buy existing gas generation in Oldham County. The company already had approval to retire Cane Run, as well as two other coal-fired […]

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New EPA Rules Will Limit Carbon Pollution for All Future Power Plants

by Erica Peterson March 27, 2012

The federal government has unveiled air quality standards that will affect new coal-fired power plants. The new EPA rules mark the first time carbon dioxide emissions from all new power plants will be limited. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any new coal-fired power plants built in the U.S., but it does mean that any […]

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PSC Hears Testimony in LG&E Natural Gas Case

by Erica Peterson March 20, 2012

Kentucky’s Public Service Commissioners are considering a proposal by Louisville Gas and Electric to convert some of the company’s coal-fired facilities into natural gas plants. The PSC held a formal hearing on the issue today. LG&E already has permission to retire three of its coal-fired power plants, including the Cane Run plant in southwest Louisville. […]

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PSC Will Hold Formal Hearing Tuesday on LG&E Gas Conversion Plan

by Erica Peterson March 19, 2012

The Public Service Commission will hear testimony for and against a proposed project at Louisville Gas and Electric’s Cane Run power plant tomorrow. The utility company is asking for permission to retire several coal-fired power plants, including the Cane Run Power Station in southwest Louisville. It plans to replace the generation capacity with both new […]

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PSC Holds Public Meeting on LG&E Cane Run Proposal Tomorrow

by Erica Peterson March 7, 2012

The Kentucky Public Service Commission will hold a meeting tomorrow to allow the public to weigh in on a proposal by Louisville Gas and Electric. The utility is asking the commission to approve a plan to convert the coal-fired Cane Run Power Station to natural gas. LG&E wants to reconfigure the Cane Run power plant […]

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PSC Sets Date for Public to Comment on LG&E Coal to Gas Proposal

by Erica Peterson February 23, 2012

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has set a public meeting for Louisville residents to weigh in on a proposed switch from coal to natural gas at the Cane Run Power Station. In September, Louisville Gas and Electric announced that it was planning to retire its coal-fired Cane Run Power Plant and replace it with a […]

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Indiana Coal Gasification Plant Wins Regulatory Approval

by Rick Howlett November 22, 2011

From the Associated Press Indiana regulators have approved plans for a $2.65 billion coal gasification plant at the Ohio River city of Rockport and a state agency’s 30-year contract to buy its synthetic natural gas. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission endorsed the plan that Gov. Mitch Daniels has promoted as locking in low rates for […]

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Paul Meets With NTSB to Discuss Pipeline Hold

by Erica Peterson October 5, 2011

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is continuing his block on a bill that would update safety regulations on natural gas pipelines. Paul met with members of the National Transportation Safety Board about the matter today. The legislation was introduced in response to an explosion at a gas pipeline in San Bruno, California last year that killed […]

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Study Indicates Switch to Natural Gas May Not Slow Climate Change

by Erica Peterson September 26, 2011

As federal policies make burning coal more expensive, many utilities—including Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities—are transitioning their older coal plants to natural gas. But a new study cautions that natural gas may not be a panacea to stop the effects of climate change. Natural gas is cleaner than coal. When you burn it, […]

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