State of the News

It looks like the political season is getting into full swing again. This week we saw debates between the Louisville mayoral candidates on Wednesday and the US Senate candidates on Thursday. In between, we got some news about museum plaza, and unemployment benefits, to name a few things. After we talk about Metro news, we’ll move out into the state and hear about a fraud investigation in Lexington and that darn leaking mustard gas. Join us Friday for State of the News on State of Affairs.  Listen to the Show

Gas Leak Detected At Munitions Depot

By Ron Smith, Kentucky Public Radio Workers at the Bluegrass Army Depot near Richmond are searching for the source of a mustard gas leak. Monitoring personnel Tuesday detected trace amounts of the vapor inside a concrete igloo that houses mustard gas. Once the leaking munition is located, Depot spokesman Dick Sloan says they’ll follow a… Continue reading Gas Leak Detected At Munitions Depot