The Pipe, the Drum and the Thunder Run: Music and War

Saturday, November 21, 2009 Producer: CBC Radio 2 Listen Again On this episode of The Nerve, host Jowi Taylor surveys the entwined histories of war and music. Military music is meant to stir the blood. In order to achieve this, some instruments, some compositions, some sounds are more favoured than others. The Israelites used trumpets […]

A Tribute to Tim Krekel

When legendary Louisville singer & songwriter Tim Krekel passed away in June, he left our local music scene in shock and sadness. Shortly before his passing, he told friends he’s had “a most wonderful life!” We’ll reflect on and celebrate that life this Thursday on State of Affairs. We’ll share stories, and of course, listen to Tim’s music. Join us with your thoughts and memories. Listen to the Show

New Arts Magnet Program Strives to Transform School

Last summer, the Jefferson County Board of Education voted to have more than 20 elementary schools include magnet programs. It came just a year the U.S. Supreme Court stuck down Jefferson County’s desegregation plan saying it unconstitutionally assigned students to schools by race. This week, these magnet programs — focusing on an array of areas […]

A Project that Teaches Deaf Children How to Sing

The story of Beethoven shows us the deaf and hard of hearing can hear and make music. After the composer’s hearing began deteriorating in his 20s, Beethoven listened to distinguish notes by attaching a rod to his piano’s soundboard which he would bite when playing. Today, musicians and educators are developing more techniques to help […]

Baroque Ensemble Nurtures Art Form in Louisville

These days many arts organizations have their sights set on surviving the economic recession. But, even now, one relatively new group in Louisville is just getting started. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. In a house in Louisville’s Highland’s neighborhood, several musicians in their 20s are playing music by the 18th century Italian composer Luigi Boccherini. At […]