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Biologists in the Green River prepare to place endangered mussels on the riverbed.

Nobody’s going to put the pink mucket on a bumper sticker as a call to action for the environment—it’s not nearly photogenic enough—but a team of scientists is dedicated to restoring an essential part of the river ecosystem.

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Endangered Mussels Released in the Green River

by Erica Peterson October 25, 2011

State and federal biologists have released more than 100 endangered mussels into the Green River by Mammoth Cave National Park. The pink mucket mussel is a federally endangered species. The mussels used to be abundant in the Green River, but pollution and human interference with the water’s flow decimated the population. Now, scientists hope they […]

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Update: Endangered Mussels Return to Wild

by kespeland January 14, 2010

About a year and a half ago, we brought you the story of Kentucky’s endangered mussels, and the struggle to save them. Decades of pollution and habitat loss have put a large percentage of our watershed’s freshwater mussels on the federal endangered species list. Now, WFPL’s Kristin Espeland Gourlay has this update on one mussel – with a little good news.

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Freshwater Mussels: Endangered but Coming Back

by kespeland April 14, 2008

Kentucky’s rivers and streams once carried more than a hundred species of freshwater mussels. Today, nearly a quarter are endangered, and many are already gone. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland reports on why mussels matter, and how efforts to bring them back are breaking new scientific ground.

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