War Vets

Saturday, September 18, 2010 9pm Producer: Conrad Bishop Listen Again The voices of fourteen men and women who served in the military during times of war. What got you into the service? What did you do there? How were you different when you came home? The program includes veterans from the Spanish Civil War through […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries Increase Among Returning Soldiers

by Stephanie Crosby As the number of military service members coming home with brain injuries goes up, the state of Kentucky is trying to provide more information and service to those affected. A conference tomorrow at Eastern Kentucky University will present information and services on traumatic brain injuries for service members and their families. Devon […]

The Pipe, the Drum and the Thunder Run: Music and War

Saturday, November 21, 2009 Producer: CBC Radio 2 Listen Again On this episode of The Nerve, host Jowi Taylor surveys the entwined histories of war and music. Military music is meant to stir the blood. In order to achieve this, some instruments, some compositions, some sounds are more favoured than others. The Israelites used trumpets […]