mike cherry

The Kentucky House has approved an immigration enforcement bill offered by Representative Mike Cherry of Princeton. It requires employers contracting with public agencies to verify the immigration status of their workers.

“An agency furthermore shall cancel a contract if the contractor or subcontractor fails to maintain registration and participation in E-Verify during the term of the contract,” says Cherry. “Prior to receiving the final contract payment, a contractor and subcontractor shall submit a sworn affidavit they did not knowingly hire unauthorized alien employees.”

The bill flew through the House 90-6, with little debate. The six opponents were Democratic Reps. Johnny Bell, Tom Burch, Kelly Flood, Jim Gooch, Mary Lou Marzian and Jim Wayne.

“I have serious reservations about the E-Verification process,” says Marzian. “If there is a problem, or a false report that someone’s undocumented, then they will have to hire an attorney and possibly face a lot of really detrimental procedures.”

A Senate bill that puts the onus on law enforcement to verify the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens remains in a House committee.

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