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Metro Council Plans a Second Study of Louisville EMS

An independent consulting firm this week released the results of its internal study of Louisville’s EMS system. But Louisville’s Metro Council is planning on commissioning another study of EMS in the coming months.

The Mayor’s office commissioned the first study for 80-thousand dollars. Part of the results recommended reducing the number of ambulances on the street at certain times of the day. EMS Director Dr. Neal Richmond says they won’t take that advice.

“My job is to keep my fingers on the pulse of the system,” says Richmond, “and make sure I understand exactly how it’s working and how well we’re doing and I’m confident about our interpretation of the data.”

Richmond says the study isn’t a fair comparison between Louisville and other cities. And although Richmond feels the data the department compiles itself is more reliable, Metro Councilman Hal Heiner says they still want another outside opinion.

“That’s one of the reasons the council this year allocated an additional 50-thousand dollars to do an in-depth study,” says Heiner.

The council has allocated the money, but the study has not yet been commissioned.

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Council Committee Investigates Housing Grants

The Louisville Metro Council has started investigating some housing grants that recently came under scrutiny during the city’s budget process. Some council members questioned almost 20-million dollars worth of housing grants that seemed to have been misused.

The Council’s government accountability committee met on the issue for the first time today. An external audit report from Strothman and Company found some weaknesses in the city’s housing department. Specifically, the audit discovered some federal funds had been spent from the city’s general fund, and the reimbursement forms had not been properly filed.

Metro Louisville chief financial officer Jane Driskell says the Finance Department has since taken over those responsibilities.

“Housing manages their own grants. We are now participatory in the draw-down. The actual drawing-down money from the federal government. That is the one step we have taken an active role in for this department,” says Driskell.

The committee work has just begun and in the coming weeks, they’ll hear from an internal auditor, and the director of housing. The next meeting should be in early August.