Kentucky Youth Advocates Study Shows Variations in School Health Systems

KYA President Terry Brooks is urging Governor Steve Beshear and the General Assembly to make it easier for Medicaid providers to administer care to students in schools. Brooks says that’s the best way to make sure students are cared for. A spokesperson for the governor’s office says they are reviewing the report.

How Do I Relax?

It seems the world’s turning faster and faster every day. The same technologies that allow us to work more efficiently also make it harder to leave our work at the end of the day, and we fill our free time with scheduled activity too. We’re stressed out – and it’s not just a quality-of-life issue; chronic stress has a detrimental effect on our health. We’ll talk about the physiological consequences of stress, and how different people can find different ways to relax. Put your feet up and join us.  Listen to the Show

The Stigma of Mental Illness

When is the last time you referred to someone you disliked as crazy? Almost all of us use that word without thinking – and using words like crazy, nuts, schizo, etc. as perjoratives is one of many ways mental illness is socially stigmatized. People diagnosed with mental illnesses may be afraid to disclose them for fear they will be avoided, disbelieved, or labelled. And that hesitance to disclose can carry over into a reluctance to seek help or comply with treatment – sometimes with tragic results. This Tuesday we’ll talk about the stigma of mental illness – where it comes from, and how it can be lessened so those who need help are more likely to receive it.  Listen to the Show

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