Two hours of explanation did not silence the critics and skeptics of a pending hospital merger, though many new issues and complications have been revealed.

The Louisville Metro Board of Health brought representatives from University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives to a public forum Wednesday evening. The partners took questions from the public and explained how procedures currently banned by the Catholic Church would or would not be performed at a merged University Hospital.

If the merger is approved, University Hospital will not entirely follow Catholic care directives, according to the partners’ attorney Jennifer Elliott. Rather, only certain procedures frowned upon by the Catholic Church will be banned. Namely, tubal ligations will be moved to Baptist Hospital East.

U of L Chair for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health Sharmila Makhija explained how other reproductive services would be handled: [click to continue…]

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Meth Debate Picks Up as General Assembly Nears

by Gabe Bullard October 7, 2011

State lawmakers heard a variety of opinions on how to limit methamphetamine production today. The number of meth labs in Kentucky has been increasing for years. The drug manufacturer group Consumer Healthcare Products told the Joint Committee on the Judiciary the state should create a database of people who have been convicted of meth-related crimes. […]

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Beshear Touts Growth of Organ Donor Registry

by Tony McVeigh April 13, 2011

Governor Steve Beshear says he and first lady Jane Beshear are organ donors and he’s urging Kentuckians to join them. In ceremonies at the State Capitol, Beshear thanked circuit court clerks, who have helped add one million names to the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. 

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Law Firms Adding Staff in Anticipation of Economic Recovery

by Gabe Bullard February 28, 2011

In anticipation of an economic recovery, many Kentucky Law firms are hiring more staff and taking on more clients. The increased demand is mostly in areas related to the aging baby boomer population.

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Ophthalmologists Say Optometry Law Will Hurt Care, Optometrists Say It May Not Affect Louisville

by Gabe Bullard February 25, 2011

The law allows optometrists to perform certain procedures—such as laser surgery—that are currently only done by ophthalmologists, who are medical doctors. Optometrists must be certified to do the procedures and they need to purchase the proper equipment. Optometrist Richard Gersh of Louisville says the law is aimed mostly at rural areas where ophthalmologists are scarce.

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Beshear Signs Optometry Bill

by Gabe Bullard February 24, 2011

The measure quickly cleared the General Assembly this year. It gives optometrists the ability to perform certain medical procedures now reserved for ophthalmologists, who are medical doctors. The bill has drawn some criticisms because of its speedy passage and the hundreds of thousands of dollars optometrists spent lobbying and supporting political candidates in recent years.

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Optometry Bill On Its Way To Beshear

by Tony McVeigh February 18, 2011

It wasn’t introduced until February. Neither House and Senate leaders nor the governor ever mentioned it as a priority. But a bill allowing optometrists to perform certain surgical procedures currently only done by ophthalmologists—who are medical doctors—is on its way to Governor Steve Beshear for his signature.

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Federal Budget Cuts Changing Research, Fundraising

by Gabe Bullard January 17, 2011

National Foundation to Support Cell Transplant Research board chair Paula Grisanti says the new focus on cutting the federal budget and stopping earmarks in Congress could potentially devastate research projects that rely on federal grants.

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U Of L Receives Grant For Palliative Care

by Gabe Bullard September 8, 2010

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a 1.5 million dollar grant to the University of Louisville for a new oncology program.

The program focuses on palliative care, which combines medicine, nursing, social work and religious education to provide broad care for cancer patients.

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New Dental Practice Act Becomes Law This Month

by Gabe Bullard July 4, 2010

Among the legislation passed by the Kentucky General Assembly this year was an updated dental practice act, which will become law this month.

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