Global Marijuana March Dedicated to Gatewood Galbraith

Activists against the prohibition of marijuana are dedicating an annual global rally to the late Gatewood Galbraith, a fixture of Kentucky politics who advocated for legalizing the drug. The Global Marijuana March began in 1999 and is held in hundreds of cities and dozens of countries with a number of pro-cannabis related events, marches and […]

Police Chief Worries About New Law Aimed at Reducing Arrests

A new state law aimed at reducing misdemeanor arrests and easing jail populations will take effect Wednesday, but Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White is concerned the change undermines police officers who are trying to keep the city safe. Under the law, officers must issue a citation rather than make an arrest for dozens of […]

GOP Ag Commissioner Candidates Support Hemp

Several candidates for Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner say they’d like to see more industrial hemp grown in the state, but law enforcement officials disagree with the proposals. The commonwealth was once a leading producer of hemp, which can be used for paper, textiles and other products. Proponents say it could help bring revenue to Kentucky. However, […]

Corrections Bill Gives Police More Discretion on Whether to Arrest Some Offenders

The legislation is meant to reduce prison costs and crowding largely by steering drug offenders toward treatment programs. Senate Judiciary Committee chair Tom Jensen says it also gives police more flexibility to issue citations for misdemeanor drug crimes, such as marijuana possession, rather than make arrests.