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Redistricting Picks Up, Maps Ready For Public

Louisville Metro Council’s ad hoc Committee on Redistricting has finished drawing final drafts of 26 district maps and will soon take them public.

Six regional meetings are being scheduled to reflect the committee’s confidence in the map released at the final committee meeting on Monday. The county attorney said the drafts are compliant under the Voting Rights Act, but Councilman Kelly Downard, R-16, said the draft called 10-B is still changing.

“It is reasonable to assume that after the collective comments from the public we will have at least a 10-C, so people should not take this, put it on the wall and throw darts at it because it’s not done for sure,” said Downard.

Council President Jim King, D-10, joked that the committee didn’t want to draw more than 10 versions of the map, so it began with the supplemental letters (i.e. 10-A). The earlier version, 10-A, was called compliant under the Voting Rights Act by Gerald Hebert–an expert on redistricting who was hired by the county attorney.

What Hebert also found was that the proposed district maps actually add a new black-majority district–District 6.

“Under the proposed plan, which was 10-A, all six districts (1-6) have majority African-American populations,” said Eric Graninger, an assistant Jefferson County attorney.