Appeals Court Sides With Maker’s Mark in Wax Seal Dispute

From the Associated Press: A federal appeals court has ruled that Maker’s Mark holds the trademark on the dripping wax seal atop its bottles. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld a lower court ruling granting the Kentucky bourbon maker a trademark on the seal, which serves decorative purposes only. The decision comes […]

Appeals Court Hears Arguments On Maker’s Mark Seal Dispute

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati heard arguments today on whether Maker’s Mark should have exclusive use of the dripping red wax seal on its bourbon products. Maker’s Mark won an order last year awarding it exclusive rights to the seal. Attorneys for London-based Diageo North America and Casa Cuervo of Mexico argue that wax […]

Bill Samuels Jr. Retires From Maker’s Mark Today

by Alan Lytle, Kentucky Public Radio There’s about to be a changing of the guard at one of Kentucky’s most famous bourbon distilleries. Bill Samuels Jr., longtime president and CEO of Maker’s Mark in Loretto, is stepping down today and handing the reins over to his son, Rob Samuels. “I expect all the innovation to […]

Bill Samuels Jr. To Retire As President Of Maker’s Mark

Samuels’s father founded the distillery in the 1950s and passed it on to him in 1975. In his tenure, Samuels Jr. has seen bourbon grow from a relatively niche product to an internationally-popular spirit. Samuels says when he took over the distillery, it produced about 55 thousand cases of bourbon a year. Last year, he oversaw the shipment of more than one million cases.